Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hello there! I am Theo and welcome to my site. I did this website as a task with Morningside Authors, which is an ESL and Web Design course. If you'd like to hire me, just use the contact form found on this site. Below is my personal CV, and some samples of websites and well written articles I composed earlier.

Graduated with honors from Ryerson University
12 years of web content writing experience (in particular intended for Online customers)
6 years of web development experience.
Committed, team player professional with a taste for details.

Employment Experience.
Morningside Authors,2009 - Present
Managing Director
Given the task of putting together a international crew of internet writers to accommodate a challenging range of growth objectives and goals.
- Make new records for productivity, developing production by 20% internationally
- Correctly controlled regular logs of project distribution
- Monitored QA for international generation over a large crew of content writers

Self Employed Web Developer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Macedonian
Exceptional competence using a numerous choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

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